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Fonema – a professional sound production studio

Fonema Studio was founded in September 2015. Superb acoustic spaces, designed by the country’s best acoustics specialists, modern high-standard equipment, a team with 15-year experience in film and game industries – all this allowed us to create a cult of sound production, which we guard closely and keep at the highest standards.


  • Voice recording

    We use a wide selection of high quality microphones. The acoustics of our voice recording rooms is excellent. The picture and the text can be displayed on different screens with the editing option. In order to avoid physical discomfort, soundless air conditioners keep the rooms fresh and cool.

  • Foley

    We record foley using our own props and special microphones. In total, there are 24 surface textures and a bath for the water sounds in our disposal. A foley artist can also be provided, if needed.

  • Sound design

    (FX & AMX)

    We are providing any sound and sound effect on request. There are several terabytes of sound in our own library and libraries licensed to us, including 5.1 sound design libraries. We organise actuality effects recording of any complexity.

  • Phonogram restoration and cleaning

    We clean the phonograms from unnecessary noises and distortions, relying on the huge experience and an unconventional approach. We transfer the warm lamp sound from any medium to the digital format without losing the vintage feel.

  • Digital sound editing

    (all levels of complexity)

    We produce complete sound projects. We can join your project at any stage, analyse the given material and offer the most productive scenario for further studio work.

  • Mixing

    One of the most important advantages of our studio – high quality mixing equipment, which will meet the requirements of the most sophisticated listener, producer or a technical control department. All our sound designers have wide work experience with different TV channels and projects of various formats.

  • Translation and text editing

    We do English-Russian translations, editing, correction and produce dubbing, taking actor’s individual features into consideration.

  • Voice casting

    We collaborate with our own pool of 300 voice actors, who have become our long-term partners. We can offer old-school stars as well as absolutely new-sounding voices. We can organise live castings and create a selection based on the samples from our voice pool.

  • Crowdsource SFX

    We conduct an effective crowdsourced SFX recording and collaborate with several teams of artists in this area. We possess all the required infrastructure for the accommodation, work and leisure of the team.

  • Artists management assistance

    We work with professionally trained assistants, who will invite an actor from Izhevsk Drama Theatre, arrange a plain ticket for him with a trasfer In Istanbul, provide him with a fresh Chuvash newspaper and resolve any issues which occur during work with artists.

  • Acoustic instruments and vocals recording

    New direction of our studio. We are inviting professional sound designers in this area to collaborate and will create all the conditions needed for their productive work.

  • Management

    Efficient and high standard management of the work process with a unique balance of time, price and quality. We apply the approach, which was developed and tested throughout 15 years of our services. We create a warm and friendly environment, which allows for a productive work process. We strive for the best possible result as part of Your team.

  • Graphic design

    We offer editing (Avid/ Final Cut) and CGI services.

If you have any questions, please contact us on: +7-916-903-33-30 or email: contact@fonema.pro We will be happy to hear from you!


Our team came together 15 years ago as part of the studio RWS and now it is the core of our studio. We have done the following projects during this time*:


Production, Postpro









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* we are not sharing our computer games projects due to considerations of confidentiality


Fonema Studio specialises in the development and localisation of computer games. Our experience in this industry goes back to 1997. During this time we participated in more than 300 projects, providing services for such world-known content producers as Electronic Arts, Blizzard Entertainment, Sony Interactive Entertainment, ActiVision, Disney Interactive, Ubisoft and others.

In our disposal we have our own sound studios in Moscow – 5 voice-over studios and 7 sound control rooms. In our work we use professional equipment of high class only. Our team is represented by the top directors, sound designers, translators, editors and managers, who have created new effective technologies and methods in sound recording and processing.

Here are the most notable achievements of our studio


65 Vavilova St., build. 2, 117292, Moscow

Entrance from Krzhizhanovskogo Street.

If you are coming to us by public transport, you need to get off at the metro station ‘Profsoyuznaya’ (the last car from the centre), turn left after the glass doors and go up into the street on your right.
Walk 300 metres to the intersection with Krzhizhanovskogo Street and turn left.
Walk straight for about 700 metres up to the arch of the restaurant ‘Sherwood’, walk through the arch and walk straight for about 50 metres along the building until you see a glass door – this is the entrance to our studio.

For more detailed information please call: +7-916-903-33-30
or email: contact@fonema.pro